The Company

4W, Inc. (4W Technologies) was established in 1996 by seasoned IT professionals and is headquartered in Garfield, New Jersey (USA) with additional offices in Chennai (India). Over the years, thanks to our customer's success, we have grown from just a few employees to over sixty at present. We firmly believe that we can only succeed if our customers succeed and therefore dedicate ourselves to our customer's success.

We specialize in Healthcare, E-commerce, Financial Services, Government,Insurance as well as Retail & Wholesale, just to name a few verticals, by utilizing the latest Intersystems and related technologies. We take great pride in our work and have the ability to perform both project or hourly based work within strict budgetary constraints by utilizing the latest available technologies and best-of-breed solutions to maximize the benefits for our customers.
We have a proven track record of more than 18 years and senior staff with decades of combined experience providing innovative solutions to companies such as IBM, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Partners, Franklin Templeton, Quest Diagnostics and many other clients.

We Work Worldwide

4W knows no geographical boundaries, we have served clients in the USA, Europe, Turkey, Asia and beyond both onsite and remotely over the years. Wherever there is a challenge we are ready and up to the task.

4W's Core Values

* Earn customer trust and demonstrate our integrity through action, not words.

* Work with the utmost dedication on every project until the job is done right.

* Create lasting value for customers.

Our "No-Frills" approach

* We do not maintain fancy offices, we instead pass those savings on to you.

* We do not hire sales people, we believe our services sell themselves.

* We do not create unnecessary layers of management, we believe in a flat-management approach and all work jointly to provide the best possible solution.

* We do not chase awards and spend thousands joining organizations just to improve our image, we believe in proving ourselves time and again to our customers through hard work and dedication to their projects instead.