Understanding what you want from a system, before you create it.
We have a solution and intend to help those who are planning to document the existing legacy systems in order to properly maintain, transform or migrate the legacy environment using latest technology.

The concept of creating abstract plans before building a house is commonly understood and accepted. Similar is the case with our system documentations. Despite this many software systems are still built without the proper requirements being properly understood, gathered of documented for further references or feature.

Systems may have from dozens to thousands of requirements. The process whereby requirements are Gathered, defined and described can be very simple, or very complex, based on the system under Investigation. However the simple answer to all is to document the necessary.

So is your legacy application documentation non-existent or out dated? Is it becoming more and more difficult to enhance your system or answer audit questions given the lack of documentation? Well often we ignore these and it results in software that is difficult to use, fall short of expectations and or are expensive due to extensive rework.

We are here ready to fill the gap and provide you with the necessary tools and know-how to generate complete and accurate documentation, which will ease your life and the corporate pressure mounting.