A legacy system is an antiquated computer system or application program which continues to be used because the user (typically an organization) does not want to replace or redesign it.

Technology and understanding operations are key when improving an outdated system.

Managing information systems to improve healthcare or matter of fact in any domain / vertical is one of the toughest jobs in technology today. There are so many technology choices that making the right decision can be a daunting and painstaking process. For example many healthcare professionals work in environments where time and money are rare commodities and the information technology (IT) director faces a multitude of challenges. 
The big question is, how do these organizations improve their information system without "busting the budget" and stopping the critical workflow of the organization? Also, what choices allow the organization to upgrade their system without adding extensive training requirements and running the risk of being locked into the wrong solution? Simultaneously, the organizations might have compelling reasons for keeping a legacy system, due to the factors as:

 bullet The costs of redesigning the system are prohibitive because it is large, monolithic, and/or complex.

 bullet The system requires close to 100% availability, so it cannot be taken out of service, and the cost of designing a new system with a similar availability level are high.

 bullet The way the system works is not well understood.

 bullet The system has either not been fully documented or such documentation has been lost over the years.

 bullet The user expects that the system can easily be replaced when this becomes necessary.

 bullet The system works satisfactorily, and the owner sees no reason for changing it.

Well, the answer to all the above is simply to have a combination of technical common sense and an understanding of the areas critical to improving the current legacy system. This is where we are ready to step in and leverage our experience to redesign your existing system using the latest Intersystem’s Cache & related technologies to create a flexible & scalable solution for your enterprise, allowing our sphere heads to implement a series of resourceful improvements that fit the budget and achieve the organizations goals.
Understanding that change should not be intimidating, and technical solutions should benefit the organization and its clients, simultaneously it is critical to successfully improve an information system. Improvements must be well conceived and custom coordinated to fit organizational goals. 
So let’s take you through the design process by employing our proven design methodology and develop the right solution for you.