bullet Has your organization decided to adopt InterSystems Caché as part of the corporate strategy?

 bullet Are you planning to train your current staff rather than hiring additional resources?

 bullet Do you want your resources to be skilled in these niche areas?

Surely Staff training gives a business strong competitive edge and develops loyalty through satisfied clientele. No matter how high the level of customer interest or awareness, the ability to interpret the desires and aspirations of each customer and direct their interest towards the right path can make a strong and lasting impression. So give us the opportunity to train your staff and transfer the necessary knowledge & know-how to allow them to become productive in the new environment right away. An organization that invests in a dedicated team of specialist stands to reap the benefits of customer satisfaction, loyalty and return business. Well-trained staff with refined skills and depth of knowledge can bring a great accomplishment, to the benefit of all involved. We offer custom tailored training programs to suit your specific requirements in either Caché or traditional M/Mumps technologies. 4w recognizes the remarkable power of new technologies in expanding the reach and effectiveness of training. We are dedicated to bringing convenience and enhancement to proven training solutions.