4W is nearing the completion of the 4W VistA (International Edition) which will boast the same features of what you are now accustomed to with Open VistA plus 4W extensions and language localization.


As E.H.R. development has become a byword in the Healthcare industry, VistA, Opensource has become a dominant worldwide solution to the electronic health and medical records initiative. Originally developed for the Veteran's Health Administration, VistA has grown from its inception over 20 years ago, and now represents a broad range and number of integrated HIS applications.

Founded upon M Technology, the OpenM/ VistA platform has been developed in collaboration with Intersystems. As a Company focused in M/MUMPS /CACHE and an Intersystems Partner, 4W Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide development from the beginning of a VistA implementation to enhancements before or after go-live.

In addition to this, 4W has over 15 years of working experience with Hospitals and the Healthcare industry. Our understanding of the industry, our detailed understanding of the software that supports all VISTA applications, from device, menu, programming, operations, security/auditing, task, user, to system management and Database Management System (Fileman), 4W is your best solution for VistA Development and Customization.

What We Provide:

  1. Whether you are looking for full system development or after deployment customization, 4W provides a truly time-sensitive and cost effective resource for E.H.R. development and customization.
  2. 4W has significant working experience with all MUMPS/CACHE and open sourced E.H.R. solutions.
  3. 4W's unique ability to complement onsite with offsite personnel insures a qualitative result at lower cost to you.
  4. 4W, Inc. is HIPAA compliant and will work diligently to ensure a secure environment throughout the customization process.
  5. 4W, Inc. provides a dedicated team from our staff of 45 professionals experienced with VistA and VistA customization.
  6. Each dedicated team will include a Project Manager from our New Jersey Headquarters.
  7. In the area of Clinical Data management, we assist clients in determining which of the over 100 modules in VistA, supporting clinical financial and administrative functions to be adapted.
  8. 4W provides the development, customization, interface and integration of the particular modules to the client's specification.
  9. Creating a Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  10. The ability to provide interface and communication via RPC Broker, Fileman, Java, Virtual Basic, CACHE or SQL.
  11. Front end Java development.
  12. Report Development, Integration.
  13. Training, onsite or offsite.
  14. Ability to provide language localization.
  15. Ability to maintain all records by use of 4W's hosting facility.
  16. 24/7/365 support.